Retail Shops 83 Metro Street
  • Retail Shops 83 Metro Street
  • Retail Shops 83 Metro Street
  • Retail Shops 83 Metro Street
  • Retail Shops 83 Metro Street
  • Retail Shops 83 Metro Street
  • Retail Shops 83 Metro Street
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Retail Shops in Gurgaon

Retail sector has been one of the most growth oriented sectors for Indian business in the past few years. The inclination of local youth for innovation and factors like Foreign Direct Investment has opened new horizons for the retailers as well as customers. The growth and development in retail sector is evident from opening up of high end retail shops in Gurgaon. From small businesses to multinationals, retail sector has attracted interests of business people from all spheres of life.


There are a plenty of upcoming retail projects in Gurgaon that will shape the industry for better opportunities. The introduction of modern highways in and around Gurgaon such as Dwarka Expressway has resulted in a steep rise in demand for retail shops in Gurgaon.
83 metro street

Shop for Rent in Gurgaon - 83 Metro Street

83 Metro Street is a renowned name that has the potential of fulfilling the needs of luxury retail sector. Spread in an area of 183,000 sq. ft, 83 Metro Street is the most desirable destination for people looking for a shop for rent in Gurgaon. The project is located on the prominent location of Sector 83, Gurgaon. With a close proximity to metro, 83 Metro Street offers high end retail shops with a lot of growth potential. The project offers plenty of opportunities for people who are looking to buy shop in Gurgaon that is affordable yet luxurious.
83 Metro Street comes with more than 5 different saving plans that can help you in taking your retail business to new heights without burdening your pockets. Whether you are looking for a shop for rent in Gurgaon or want to invest in luxury retail showrooms, 83 Metro Street is the destination that will give you everything from outstanding location to luxurious amenities.
Nowadays a regular businessman in Gurgaon generally considers a number of factors while buying/renting Retail Shops in Gurgaon. These are:
  • Excellent connectivity with the public transport
  • Demographically volatile
  • Economically viable
  • Infrastructural factors
  • Market conditions
  • Competition
Retail Shops 83 metro Street

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Luxury Retail Property in Gurgaon - 83 Metro Street

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are other factors that a businessman should take into consideration. These factors are either ignored or either get compromised due to any reason while purchasing/renting a shop. But they have the capability to determine the success or failure of a business. They are:
  • Safety and security
  • Entry and exit points of premises
  • Parking space around the premises
  • Power backup system
  • Communication backup system
  • Resistance from earthquake and other calamities

Retail Shops for sale on Dwarka Expressway

Not only businessmen, but some commercial real estate builders too either completely overlook these factors or end up making compromises. However, some renowned names like SV Housing are redefining the paradigm through their upcoming projects like 83 Metro Street in Gurgaon. 83 Metro Street offers Retail Shops for sale on Dwarka Expressway and Retail Shops for rent on Dwarka Expressway at affordable prices which are laden with high-tech security features, multiple and spacious entry and exit points for any urgent situation along with ample parking space, effective and efficient power and communication channel storage system. Most importantly, the whole structure of the complex is earthquake resistant and built at a sufficiently high altitude to avoid any flood like situation. The project can be a perfect pick for the individuals looking for all-round Retail shops for sale /Retail Shops for rent on Dwarka Expressway.


For more Information Builder SV Housing website can be visited by clicking here: www.svhousing.in
For detailed information on the project Retail Shops in Gurgaon website can be visited by clicking here: www.83metrostreet.com